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basso - base, low.





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Bas meaning lower in French may refer to:


  • Bernardo Bas, de facto Federal Interventor of Córdoba, Argentina
  • Bas Balkissoon (born ca. 1952), politician in Toronto, Canada
  • Bas Bron, Dutch musical artist and producer of mostly electronic music
  • Bas de Gaay Fortman (born 1937), Dutch politician and scholar
  • Bas Giling (born 1982), Dutch professional road bicycle racer
  • Bas van de Goor (born 1971), Dutch volleyball player
  • Bas Jan Ader (1942-1975), Dutch conceptual artist, performance artist, photographer and filmmaker
  • Bas Leinders (born 1975), Belgium racing driver
  • Bas of Bithynia, (c. 397-326 BC), first independent ruler of Bithynia
  • Bas Pease (1922-2004), British physicist
  • Bas Roorda (born 1973), Dutch football (soccer) goalkeeper
  • Bas Savage (born 1982), English professional footballer (soccer)
  • Bas van der Vlies (born 1942), Dutch politician
  • Bas van Fraassen (born 1941), member of the Princeton University Philosophy department
  • Bas Rutten (born 1965), a mixed martial arts fighter and color commentator
  • Hernan Bas (born 1978, U.S. artist based in Florida
  • Noël Bas, French gymnast

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